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The Rise of Peculiar Productions

“You are not normal.” That statement has been used so many times around me that I began to accept it as a compliment. Why be normal? Normal is only average – it is the accepted and ordinary. It became clear that life should be more than normal. It should exist in the extraordinary. Each day should come with peace and joy that dances in a world of rainbows and lollipops.

The world says that living in that place is not normal. I can accept that, but I wanted others to discover that peace and joy that comes from living outside of normal.


Called to Be Peculiar

Each person has been designed to live outside of the probable and possible. Each person has been designed for this moment in time and for a particular purpose. Each person has been given the gifts, talents and passion to fulfill the purpose.
Each person must decide to follow that path of purpose or to continue living a life of mere existence.
Dare to be peculiar.

Our Mission

To encourage others to dig down through the stuff of the world and to begin the process of unlocking the seed of passion God planted in their hearts from the beginning.


To provide the tools to help grow and nourish those seeds into the
propose God has for their lives.

The world sees people who live a life of passion to purpose
as not being normal. We are called out to be a chosen people and peculiar to
this world.


  • To help others unlock the keys to living a life of purposeful passion
  • To develop the tools that allow for the bold pursuit of that path.
  • To create an atmosphere that opens avenues for finding the steps to that path for a life of peace and joy.
  • To provide the catalyst for a revolution of lives that no longer accept the normal.

What that Means for You

We will work with you to uncover the unique purpose for which you were designed. We will continue our commitment to helping& you unlock the tools that you need to pursue your purpose with boldness. We will partner with you to reap the benefits and blessings of planting the seeds for your success.
Are you ready to experience a live beyond normal?


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